Rural Solutions

Providing a cost-effective wireless rural service has always been a challenge. Targeted coverage of user’s homes is required, with bandwidth demand normally much higher than typical mobile users. While wireline connectivity (FTTx, DSL) is the optimal solution for Rural Broadband, the cost of providing wired backhaul to each home is extremely high in rural areas.

Airspan Networks offers an LTE-Advanced solution tailored to address the rural challenge, with wireline-like performance at a fraction of the cost.

Pushing small cells closer to where they’re needed provides a “Targeted Service” and is a more cost-effective solution, offering much higher performance.

Creating smaller coverage areas serviced by each small cell removes the complexity and costs associated with high gain antenna home installations. In addition, smaller coverage areas ensure that spectrum is easily reused across the deployment, providing an effective throughput an order of magnitude better than typical Macro deployments.

Airspan small cells, utilizing Airspan’s patented Smart-Beam Antenna (SBA), allow the operator to easily select the beam azimuth to optimize link conditions. As the network grows, densification is easily achieved and automatically maintained using Airspan’s state-of-the-art SON algorithms, which not only mitigates interference, but also controls each SBA’s beam azimuth automatically to optimize the network, without any truck-rolls.