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4G products

4G Indoor & Outdoor

Airspan is at the forefront of providing fully-scalable network densification solutions that eliminate key barriers usually associated with traditional small cell deployments such as, site acquisition, rental, and backhaul. Airspan’s indoor portfolio includes the multi-award-winning AirUnity the world’s first indoor small cell, AirDenisty, and AirVelocity. Airspan’s outdoor portfolio includes AirHarmony, AirSpeed and AirStrand, the world’s fastest deployed outdoor small cell.

4G Indoor 4G Outdoor


Fixed Wireless & Backhaul

iBridge is a cutting-edge fixed wireless access solution that excels in PTMP links in both urban and suburban and PTP for short, medium and long-distance links. iBridge addresses the rapidly growing wireless broadband markets. Airspan’s iRelay integrated backhaul solution solves outdoor and indoor backhaul connectivity issues where high capacity is required. A portfolio that further establishes Airspan as a leader in the convergence of densified 4G/5G mobile network backhaul and Broadband Access.

iBridge iRelay
Point to Point Family


Network Software

Airspan has a wide portfolio of Network Software Solutions ranging from EPC, EMS Advanced SON and 5G V-RAN which allow carriers and other verticals to disrupt the traditional implementation of end-to-end LTE and LTE-A network.


Network Design, RF Planning & TCO Analysis

Airspan have a range of services to help solve the problem of network economics. Tailored network design and accurate RF planning coupled with Airspan’s bespoke TCO tool will allow operators to rapidly deploy cost-effective solutions which will reduce the time to market at a fraction of the cost of traditional deployments.