Oil, Gas & Utilities

Utility companies are faced with several tasks in delivering their product to the end customer, including exploration and development, drilling and production, processing and, finally, transportation.

For each of these steps, communication is key to ensuring efficiency, safety and smooth operation. These types of communication networks require extremely robust, rugged and flexible equipment that offers a variety of features and can meet the needs of several applications, such as in-field workforce tracking and coordination, mobile vehicle connectivity, automation, monitoring and failure alert, off-site/multi-location/off-shore facility linking and general data and video streaming. Airspan provides this equipment.

Addressing the needs of the modern utility companies

Airspan has mature, reliable, robust and secure connectivity solutions that perfectly suit the needs of utility companies. With Airspan’s next-generation solution, oil, gas and wind farm enterprises can rapidly plan and deploy data, voice and video communications in marine or terrestrial environments. Offering high-quality broadband wireless connectivity, Airspan products are designed to deliver the seamless, high capacity and flexible communications services that the modern utility companies demand.

Airspan LTE-Advanced solutions provide a network that is cost-effective to deploy and manage, withstands some of the toughest environments, is flexible and stable, and adheres to industry standards and ecosystem, ensuring interoperability.

With this advanced technology, utility companies can promote productivity, cost-savings, information exchange, safety and security.

Airspan Benefits:

  • Reduction in field downtime and increased reservoir production
  • Lower cost of ownership and management
  • Team collaboration between development, drilling and production
  • Expedited operator response to issues or failures
  • Improved efficiency and optimization