IoT & Machine 2 Machine

Smart Grids

Airspan Networks for Utility Communications and Smart Grid. Dressing their power grids with next-generation, 4G technologies, Utilities are re-defining communications networks in their industry. These IP-based networks increase automation, management and control while improving operational efficiency and reliability.

Airspan has reliable, robust and secure connectivity solutions that are ideal for grid managers. With standardized WiMAX products in licensed, lightly licensed and unlicensed frequencies ranging from 700 MHz to 6.0 GHz that offer quick and affordable installation, Quality of Service (QoS) – the technology that allows for prioritization of data – and highest quality wireless connectivity, Airspan can help utilities become more efficient and greener enterprises.

Most importantly, Airspan offers truly broadband speeds with very low latency, an essential part of a smart grid network. In addition to simple usage and meter reading, the network must be able to run bandwidth-demanding applications such as mapping, video tools for mobile workers, or video services for facility monitoring. Additionally, Airspan’s equipment is suitable for a variety of deployment scenarios whether in rural or urban regions, extreme weather conditions, challenging terrain or low population density.

Public Safety

Airspan solutions give public safety agencies low-cost wireless broadband with high reliability for secure and real-time video, voice and data services

Public safety officials and first responders make critical and time sensitive decisions every day based on the information they receive. That is why it is especially important that the information they are receiving is real-time and available at all times.

Public safety organizations are constantly challenged to improve the efficiency of their personnel and systems by accessing new technology multimedia services in addition to the voice-only and data-only networks available to remote units previously. There is also a growing need for inter-agency communication which places an emphasis on standards-based technology solutions. Undoubtedly the accuracy and speed of information received greatly impacts public safety effectiveness. Terrorist attacks and natural disasters experienced over the last several years have further emphasized the need for mobile, flexible and advanced technologies which deliver improved communication in the public safety sector.

Airspan’s solutions meet the needs and requirements of modern public safety organizations. Several segments of the market can greatly benefit from these next generation Fixed, Mobile Wi-Fi technologies including: Police, Fire, Search and Rescue, EMS, Disaster Management, Border Control, Homeland Security and more.

Transportation Communications Solutions

Airspan solutions enable high-speed broadband for high-speed travel and beyond, enabling triple-play 4G services while on-the-go

4G technology has a wide variety of applications and benefits for the transportation vertical market. 4G WiMAX and LTE is helping direct this market into the next generation of connectivity, whether by enabling passengers on trains and buses to access high-speed Internet, helping Transit Authorities and transportation departments to quickly download travel schedules or passenger information, allowing for traffic management with intersection-placed units, or by increasing security and surveillance at crossings, stations or depots.

Addressing Passenger Communications Needs
Airspan 4G technology harnesses the fastest, most reliable and resilient functionality to deliver dependable mobile connectivity to passengers on trains, buses or taxis anywhere in the coverage area. Individuals can connect to truly broadband, triple-play applications with 4G-enabled laptops, smart phones, PDAs and other communication devices. With 4G technology, passengers can transform their travel experience while extending their access to entertainment, office connectivity or VoIP applications.

Addressing Transportation Security Needs
Passenger safety and convenience are of utmost importance to transportation operators. Airspan’s WiMAX technology enables railroad and bus companies to increase their surveillance capabilities, thereby increasing security at stations, yards, depots and railroad crossings, as well as on the trains, locomotives and buses themselves. In addition, the WiMAX technology allows for continuous updates of passenger information, schedule changes and important announcements. Further, railroad companies can easily incorporate location-centric advertising to help increase revenues and better the overall customer experience.

Addressing Traffic Management and Signage Communications Needs
Cities and municipalities must cope with the challenges of road safety, increased traffic and emergency traffic diversion. Airspan WiMAX infrastructure is easy to deploy and can be easily integrated into a traffic management network to set up a network of traffic cameras that can be accessed by operators, news reporters and residents for live traffic reports. In addition, the network can remotely update digital traffic signs to notify drivers of accidents, detours and amber alerts. And while out on the road, traffic operators can access the main network from remote locations through vehicle mounted or portable devices.

4G communications for Carriers and Operators

Airspan helps create a truly ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ broadband experience. Using advanced mobile wireless connectivity, users can now access the Internet at high-speed while sitting in the park, relaxing by the water or commuting on a train.

Airspan solutions offer the highest-quality and most advanced 4G network solutions. As the number of broadband users around the world increases, so does the demand for higher-capacity and more progressive usability options. Users are beginning to expect the same speed, performance and applications while ‘on the go’ as they receive at home or in the office.

Carriers are struggling to meet the customer demand while pacing their network expansions and cutting costs. The use of Airspan’s industry-leading 4G infrastructure enables carriers and operators to deploy robust, functional networks, delivering the performance and flexibility required by today’s mobile workforce.

Airspan’s 4G wireless broadband equipment enables a provider to build out a technologically advanced network facilitating high-data rates with long transmission reach for always-on broadband connectivity and high-capacity applications such as web surfing and e-mailing.

Offering the next leap in the evolution of broadband connectivity, and adhering to industry standards, Airspan has the solutions to support the requirements of a market with an ever-increasing focus on portable units. Mobile users will be able to connect to the network using an array of portable devices including, smart phones, consumer electronics such as game terminals and MP3 players, and PCs of all kinds – making the most of work and play.

No longer are providers limited to home or office subscribers. Now, with the deployment of Airspan infrastructure, providers can build viable and sustainable businesses that operate on cost-effective, flexible networks, while offering service packages for data and voice applications to subscribers in homes, businesses and those on on the move.

Airspan Advantages:

  • Advanced handover and roaming capabilities
  • Comprehensive 4G LTE product portfolio
  • Multi-platform infrastructure running combination of 4G LTE, GSM
  • Wide selection of internal and interoperable user devices
  • Cost-effective and scalable
  • Field-proven