Indoor Solutions

Mobile data traffic is growing rapidly, with more than 80% of the traffic being terminated indoors. Large numbers of clustered users in urban areas such as office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, and small enterprises, effectively create indoor mobile hotspots, which require high-capacity mobile service.

Exacerbating the problem is the fact that external building walls have a large negative impact on cellular signal penetration, leading to some users having no cellular service at all, while others suffer from poor user experience. The consequences for Carriers are that Macro networks are inefficient, expensive spectrum is underutilized, and users seek other wireless technologies to fulfil their needs, namely WiFi.

AirVelocity and AirDensity are best-in-class indoor small cells, designed specifically to solve the indoor mobile hotspot problem. Placing the small cells indoors right at the hotspots in enterprises and public access areas improves cellular signal quality, and thus enables great user experience for indoor users. AirVelocity is deployed at locations where wireline backhaul is available, while AirDensity is deployed at locations where wireline backhaul is not available or not feasible. Carriers can install a mixture of AirVelocity and AirDensity, benefiting from each ones advantages. Both small cells support an optional carrier-grade WiFi AP.