Provides backhaul solutions in both V-BAND and E-BAND frequencies.

iBridge 440 & 460:

iBridge 440 and 460 are flexible wireless backhaul and IP transport solutions. They are available for license-exempt frequencies as well as for lightly licensed frequencies at 5 GHz. Customers looking for a solution on wireless backhaul can quickly deploy a point-to-point connection between two office locations or LTE base station sites.

iBridge mmWave:

Airspan’s portfolio of iBridge small cell backhaul products is further enhanced by the addition of Airspan’s iBridge millimetre wave products iB600, iB700 & iB750 which extend the product portfolio to provide solutions in both V-BAND and E-BAND frequencies. The wide bandwidths available in millimeter wave frequency bands enable solutions providing 1Gbps to 5Gbps bi-directional throughputs, and <100 micro second one-way latencies.

iBridge mmWave

Unlicensed Spectrum Operation

Steerable Antenna Rotation

Interference mitigation is a key issue when operating in license exempt spectrum. Network-wide measurements allow for interference to be characterised, and antenna steering and nulling techniques enable the network to adapt to maximise performance. iBridge backhaul supports self-healing, allowing the network to automatically recover in the event of failure. This increases overall service availability and customer satisfaction.

Throughout the deployment lifecycle by using smart steerable antenna technology, iBridge adapts automatically without the need to revisit previously deployed sites.

Key Features

Plug and Play

iBridge is a self-connecting, self-discovery, self-optimizing, self-healing system.


Supports very wide channel bandwidths which are capable of delivering 1Gbps to 5Gbps bi-directional throughputs.

 Power of HETNETS

iBridge delivers deep penetrating high capacity to the pico-layer by adopting advanced QoS and SON techniques.

Un-Licensed Spectrum Operation

Complements distributed SON architecture and provides a Hybrid SON architecture.

Wireless Ethernet Carrier

Carrier Ethernet based technology provides a solution for PTP and PTMP Wireless Carrier Ethernet applications (eg. B2B and M2M etc).

Rapid Deployment

When fiber connectivity is not available, or not cost effective, iBridge mmWave solutions are perfectly placed to support the growth.