Airspan is committed to delivering wireless, fully connected, secure and innovative solutions to Educational institutions.

As technology evolves and continues to shape our society, those  who are responsible for teaching our next generation face an on-going challenge to adapt exciting new teaching methods.

Today’s teaching and learning techniques are becoming increasingly reliant on IT systems and wireless networks and as such, traditional teaching roles and the learning techniques are being enhanced by the rise of a better connected, open architecture educational systems; enabling effective resource sharing and real-time communication for the next generation.

Wireless access to broadband services is now fundamental to the way educators connect and interact not only with their students but also with faculty and staff (including security personnel). Incorporating Airspan’s LTE wireless solution enables students and staff to access the Internet (as defined by each school’s IT team), class schedules, school databases, resources and applications anytime, anywhere and on multiple devices.

The Airspan Solution:

Airspan’s LTE technology enables Educational entities to build their own private, standards based, carrier-grade broadband wireless network.  K-12 institutions and Universities are provided with the means to provide wireless connectivity to not only campus grounds, but directly to the students at home in underserved areas and/or economically disadvantaged households, all in an effort to bridge the digital divide.

Solution Benefits:

  • Delivers Mobile multi-megabit broadband services over wireless
  • Supports High quality VoIP and Video-over-IP real-time chat and phone service
  • Optimized classroom, campus-wide and local neighborhood-wide connectivity
  • Low cost of ownership & maintenance costs
  • 1:1 initiatives
  • Mobile connectivity to buses
  • Digital signage
  • Pay as you grow
  • Indoor and outdoor solutions
  • Based on next generation LTE 4G technology standards