Advanced Integrated LTE and Wi-Fi Indoor Small Cell

AirVelocity: The world’s most versatile LTE-Advanced Small Cell

AirVelocity is a revolutionary indoor, high performance, LTE-Advanced, and Wi-Fi small cell, designed to bring Public Access LTE networks to indoor spaces. AirVelocity reduces the indoor mobile notspots and creates much greater indoor coverage for the end user.


Economic Deployment

The high performance and high power LTE-Advanced radio interface of AirVelocity means that it can provide LTE services to greater than 100 users per eNodeB and networks or clusters of AirVelocity eNodes can deliver LTE capacity and coverage to the most densely populated deployment scenario.

3GPP LTE-Advanced Access Specifications

AirVelocity supports the latest Release Feature Sets (SW upgradeable) that include support for SON and eICIC which enables N=1 frequency re-use with outdoor Macro and Pico cells. AirVelocity can be deployed using enterprise broadband connections or with an optional integrated LTE UE Relay wireless backhaul solution.

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Key Features

Plug and Play

Plug-n-Play (PnP), is crucial for supporting rapid small-cell deployment.

 Modern Design

Small form factor and modern design suitable for the modern environment.

Integrated AC/DC

Integrated AC/DC converter simplifies installations.

High TX Output Power

AirVelocity has a high TX output power which increases coverage.

Integrated WiFi AP

With integrated WiFi AP

Multiple synchronization options

1588v2, Clock-over-GPON, GPS, network listening and SyncE.