AirSynergy 2000:

Super Compact Outdoor Small Cell with Smart Antenna

 AirSynergy 2000

AirSynergy is Airspan’s groundbreaking Pico base station using Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology, providing both data access and wireless backhaul from the same unit. AirSynergy is an all-in-one compact Pico base station which supports a wide range of radio interfaces including 4G LTE and WiMAX technologies.

AirSynergy 2000

Integrated Wireless Backhaul

The integration of backhaul and access technologies is an industry first, and redefines the way in which networks can be constructed. This technique enables AirSynergy to be deployed on street furniture (e.g. lamp posts), with connections automatically established through neighboring nodes to establish a backhaul connection with the network.

 Hetrogeneous Network

As part of a heterogeneous network, Pico base stations are located closer to the end user, providing much higher aggregate data rates. AirSynergy combines a 4G Pico base station with an integrated, high capacity, self-connecting wireless backhaul.

Key Features

Latest LTE Advanced Release

Supports the latest 3GPP release (Software upgradable) feature sets include support for SON and eICIC which enables N=1 frequency re-use with the Umbrella Macro cell.

 Sustainable Deployment

Requires a fraction of the power of a Macro base station allowing renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, to be used.

Plug & Play

Supports automated configuration from the management system, simplifying the installation of each base station.

 Broadband Access

Supports latest 3GPP LTE-A or IEEE Broadband access technologies in combination with Airspan’s intelligent IEEE wireless backhaul technology.

 Integrated Wireless Backhaul

Uniquely provides an integrated wireless backhaul solution using Airspan’s iBridge IEEE P802.16r technology.

 Reduced CAPEX / OPEX

Can be installed without conventional indoor infrastructure and associated power and air-conditioning systems.