AirSky A2G

Making high-performance, high-capacity inflight connectivity an affordable reality

Connectivity is becoming an essential lifeline in our rapidly advancing world.  Current inflight connectivity solutions have high installation and service costs and do not provide the expected performance required to satisfy current and future demands for connectivity.

While satellite systems are the only method to provide connectivity for long overwater routes, they are inherently limited in capacity over dense terminal areas.  The result is high equipment and service cost structure with a non-scalable user experience that is simply not acceptable in today’s world of pervasive, low cost, high-performance connectivity.

There is an alternative. The AirSky A2G solution leverages proven high-performance LTE small cell technology to provide a lost cost, scalable Direct Air-to-Ground (A2G) inflight connectivity solution.

AirSky A2G product

How it works

The AirSky network architecture is based on a low cost, widely deployed small cell LTE technology optimized for ATG applications. A single ground station consists of three or six horizontal sectors covering 360 degrees plus one vertical sector overhead. Each sector is configured with a low cost eNodeB and antenna.

The ground stations are optimized for cell size of 60-200km. The low cost, small size, and high capacity enable the operator to deploy high density ATG networks in high traffic areas and lower density ATG networks along lower traffic routes. With the combination of satellite and the AirSky A2G network, passengers can enjoy global high-speed connectivity over both water and land.

  • Private plane SkyLNX A2G System

Direct A2G High-Speed Connectivity to Passengers up to 1500kmh

The AirSky A2G ground network features

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AirSky A2G is a collaborative partnership
between Airspan Networks and Avidyne Corporation

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Avidyne Corporation is a market leader in the design and manufacturing of integrated avionics systems for general aviation and business aircraft as well as rotorcraft. Avidyne is one of a few companies in the world to have completed an initial LTE A2G certification on an aircraft.

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