Indoor LTE small cell  with integrated
wireless backhaul.

AirDensity: Indoor small cell with a wireless backhaul connection

AirDensity is a best-in-class indoor small cell, designed specifically to solve the indoor mobile notspot problem. By placing AirDensity in enterprises and public access areas improves cellular signal quality, and thus enables great user experience for indoor users


Integrated Wireless Backhaul

A free-standing unit with wireless backhaul which can be placed on window sills, tables and shelves. It supports LTE (FDD or TDD) and an optional WiFi AP (802.11n concurrent with 802.11ac). AirDensity is composed of an eNB for access, and a standard high-performance UE relay for wireless backhaul.

 AirDensity Deployment

The LTE users inside the Enterprise premises connect to AirDensity on frequency band “f1” (FDD or TDD). For backhaul, AirDensity connects to the Donor eNB cell on band “f2” (FDD or TDD) and is secured by an IPSeC tunnel, in addition, backhaul does not need to connect to the enterprise network (LAN).

Key Features

Plug n Play and SON

Automatically self-install and self-configure for rapid deployment.

Integrated AC/DC

Integrated AC/DC converter simplifies installations.

Integrated Backhaul

AirDensity reduces costs by eliminating the need for local backhaul infrastructure and installations.

Optional Deployment

Desktop and wall mountings increase deployment options.

Modern Design

Small form factor and modern design suitable for the modern environment.

Network Utilisation

Improves Macro network utilization by improving user links.