Meeting the wide demands of 5G
deployments and 4G densification.




Over the next two years, 5G will be deployed in a wide variety of applications, unlike 4G which was initially focused on mobile broadband services and only later evolved to support low-speed IoT and high-speed gigabit services.  Initially, 5G will be deployed in low-band cellular spectrum and in Fixed-Wireless applications as well as industrial/venue settings adding high capacity/low latency services. 2G, 3G, and 4G networks directly provided service to end users and devices while 5G, using both NLOS “Sub 6 GHz” and LOS “mmWave” Bands requires base stations to be closer to End Users and “Internet of Things” devices.

Indoor vs outdoor applications and early deployments with LTE (5G Non-Stand Alone) mean that 4G and 5G network densification is happening now and requires a wide variety of deployment options.

Airspan has the right portfolio to meet the wide demands of 5G deployments and 4G densification including support for mmWave and unlicensed spectrum for both UE connectivity as well as fronthaul/backhaul use and the addition of 5G-NR.

Massive mimo




Millimeter waves

Sub 6 GHz




Enhanced Mobile Broadband (EMBB) services promise to deliver gigabit speeds to users everywhere.  It will take a few years to deliver the 5G coverage, capacity and performance needed to reach gigabit speeds, however, operators and enterprises today should be laying the groundwork for EMBB services through rapid densification that also makes the macro cell network operate more efficiently.

By addressing key deployment barriers such as site acquisition, rental, and backhaul, Airspan has successfully delivered close to half a million 4G cells worldwide to Tier 1 Carriers effectively bringing to market the worlds first true densification cell platform. Airspan continues its innovation leadership from both a technology and business model perspective into the 5G era.  Network densification is helping to keep users on their cellular connections longer, improving the user experience. In the context of EMBB, this does not have to be expensive or complicated, but it does need to happen NOW.

Airspan is the only vendor with proven cellular wireless, microwave, DOCSIS and fiber backhaul options all under one management platform with integrated self-optimizing intelligence, plug and play operation and simplified installation that does not require specially trained installers.



Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications are actually two separate but potentially related communication service applications that are often associated with 5G, but can also apply to 4G networks. Improving the speed of the access connection and pushing the application closer to the edge with MEC are two keys to lowering latency and increasing reliability.

Whether on the production/manufacturing floor or in autonomous driving or automated transport applications, network densification and reliability is key to URLLC services.  Efficient management of the small cell network is mandatory, and automation reduces costs without sacrificing reliability.

Airspan is already in tests, trials and proof of concepts in URLLC applications such as autonomous/augmented driving applications that showcase URLLC use of our small cells and microcell solutions with wired and wireless backhaul with latency as low as 1msec.


Massive Machine Type Communications is the 5G reference for the Internet of Things connections and refers to connecting millions, if not billions, of ‘things’. Whether connecting meters that measure electricity, lights, or gas, or sensors that detect parking spaces, pipeline flows, agricultural or livestock conditions and health (yes, connected cows are a real thing!), having efficient, low-cost, reliable communications is the heart of mMTC and loT applications.

Sensor and meter costs are measured in dollars and connection costs are measured in cents, thus the network connecting these devices needs to employ cutting-edge technology that delivers fast ROI with low installation, deployment and operations costs.

Airspan, small cells are the lowest cost, most reliable solutions on the market today. Find out how our small cells can be installed in less than 45 minutes and fully optimized and operational in less than two hours.

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