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Oil and Gas Communication Solutions

Airspan solutions offer advanced functionality for high-performance voice, video and data services, reducing labor-intensive costs while increasing overall efficiency.

Airspan has reliable, robust and secure connectivity solutions for Oil and Gas enterprises. Whether a gas or oil company, the network requirements are similar for each and all benefit from applications such as remote monitoring, in-field workforce tracking and coordination, mobile vehicle connectivity, fleet management and control, off-site/multi-location/off-shore facility linking and general data and video streaming.

This vertical market greatly benefits from the advantages of 4G communications and can incorporate next-generation connectivity to support their business models and increase efficiency and performance.

Offering high-quality broadband wireless connectivity, Airspan products are designed to deliver the seamless, high-capacity and flexible communications services that oil and gas companies demand. Airspan WiMAX solutions provide a network that is cost-effective to deploy and manage, withstands some of the toughest environments, is flexible and stable, and adheres to industry standards and ecosystem, ensuring interoperability.

By supplying an efficient network infrastructure which delivers high-performance video, data, and voice. Airspan assists these companies in reaching their goals to continuously monitor and manage projects, cut expenses, enable emergency/mission-critical operation and generally increase communication whether at pumps and valves, drills, offices, rigs or at any other location across the company's assets.


  • Real-time data gathering from remote locations in order to control equipment
  • Automated monitoring and alert systems
  • Mobile and remote workforce connectivity
  • Fleet management and automatic vehicle location
  • Off-site connectivity
Solutions » Oil & Gas