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4G LTE Network Technology at its Smartest

Airspan offers the industry’s most extensive range of LTE-Advanced RAN solutions, meeting the needs of network operators, service providers and a range of industrial markets worldwide. With equipment operating in 3GPP carrier bands from 700 MHz up to 6 GHz bands, Airspan’s smart LTE RAN portfolio delivers game-changing CAPEX and OPEX propositions for 4G rollout.

Airspan’s LTE-Advanced technology solves problems other vendors ignore and enables us to deliver differentiated LTE radio access networks that are future-proof and that provide the highest capacity on the market. 4G LTE ConnectivityWe deliver the ultimate combination of capacity and coverage by creating heterogeneous networks of macro, micro and pico base stations. Airspan LTE RAN solutions enable customers to create networks that will keep pace with the 10-20x data growth expected over the next 5 years.

The Airspan LTE product portfolio contains a variety of base stations, end user devices, core network products and comprehensive network management tools. The products provide a unique combination of features delivering the best-of-breed economics and attractive service propositions for 4G LTE carrier:

  • LTE-Advanced feature set including 1 Gbps capacity, carrier aggregation and very low latency
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) supports multiple radio interfaces and standards
  • Seamless integration with other 2G, 3G, 4G RATs on the same network
  • 4G eNodeB pico base station with integrated, high capacity, self-connecting and optimizing wireless backhaul
  • Minimized OPEX and CAPEX
  • Class Leading Quality of Service (QoS) feature sets
  • Beyond-the-standard spectral efficiency and link budgets
  • Non-line-of-sight, point-to-multipoint access and point-to-point backhaul with relay
  • Network deployment methodologies that allow a pay-as-you-grow investment profile

Airspan LTE Strategy
Airspan has aligned itself with market LTE connectivity requirements to offer customers a comprehensive set of product solutions to enable network operators to initiate, complete or in-fill coverage or capacity gaps in their 4G networks. Whether enabling carriers to empower their end user with faster service speeds for a truly 4G+ personal broadband experience or by providing solutions that allow the economic 4G LTE deployment in rural and low density areas, Airspan has the products to fit the need.

Airspan 4G LTE RAN Products

  • AirVelocity - Indoor Femto / Pico base station with integrated, self-provisioning, wireless backhaul
  • AirSynergy - Outdoor  Pico base station with integrated, self-provisioning, wireless backhaul
  • AirHarmony - Outdoor  Micro base station with integrated, self-provisioning, wireless backhaul
  • Air4G - Compact, macro LTE-Advanced, LTE base station with an integrated radio head
  • AirSymphony - Virtual RAN centralized baseband platform
  • Variety of user devices - handsets, USB devices, indoor and outdoor units
  • aCore - the most flexible, scalable and affordable LTE core network EPC on the market
Solutions » Airspan LTE RAN Solutions