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AirSymphony: Virtual RAN Platform

AirSymphony is AirRAN's Virtual eNodeB centralized processing platform that allows the creation of "Virtual" or "Cloud" LTE Radio Access Networks. AirSymphony works with any Airspan eNodeB, including AirVelocity, AirSynergy, AirHarmony and Air4G.

Centralized AirSymphony platforms complement local Virtualized Clusters of Airspan eNodeBs, giving huge flexibility in the rollout of next generation architectures.


With the proliferation of small cells in LTE, many operators quickly discover that traditional small cell network planning cannot scale to support massive and rapid rollout. Airspan’s AirSymphony integrates clusters of small cells improving user experience, and maximizing network capacity and coverage and complementing and augmenting Macro coverage. It also greatly simplifies management and configuration of the small-cells and their integration using SON to the Macro layer of an LTE RAN.

AirSymphony runs on a standardized NFV hardware platform, typically ATCA, and can scale from small solutions for Enterprise or large public spaces, to full network deployment with tens of thousands of small cells.

AirSymphony supports a range of advanced LTE radio interface functionality, including CoMP, Cross Carrier Scheduling, Carrier Aggregation. In the future AirSymphony will also enables advanced CoMP, MIMO and Beam-forming.


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AirRAN Products » AirSymphony