Air4G - Most powerful macro 4G LTE-Advanced base station

Exceeding the extremes in 4G LTE-Advanced - cost-efficient, innovative, compact, all-outdoor.

Airspan Networks is addressing a growing demand for 4G connectivity worldwide. The use of mobile broadband services is accelerating at exceptional rates with increased applications such as gaming, social networking and video for mobile devices. 4G, namely LTE-Advanced and WiMAX, enables users to carry the same user experience they have at home or in the office while they are on-the-go.

Airspan’s Air4G base station ensures the highest quality, capacity and range on a network while meeting the requirements of a wide variety of applications for carriers and operator as well as vertical markets such as smart utilities, transportation and public safety.

4G connectivity means that a user can enjoy bandwidth intensive applications while on the move – whether in a car or on a train. This works due to the network support for handoffs and roaming. Airspan solutions maintain a connection while the user moves across cell borders, essentially handing off the service from one base station to the next. Air4G operates in the 700 MHz up to the 6 GHz bands. Air4G has variants with two transmitters and four receivers as well as variants with four transmitters and four receivers. Air4G has TDD and FDD variants.


Air4G combines with the pico base station products, Air4Gp Freestyler and AirSynergy, to create comprehensive HetNets. The high-power, high-capacity, LTE-Advanced Air4G, maximizes on range and overall cell capacity. While the pico base stations fill in coverage gaps and increase capacity closer to the user. These HetNets ensure an optimal user experience with the highest data rates and fewest service interruptions.


Air4G offers LTE-Advanced network features including carrier aggregation and 1 Gbps capacity. With extremely low latency and fast handover, Air4G is ideal for LTE-Advanced deployments and HetNet support.


Air4G supports 4G LTE or 4G WiMAX access allowing customers to run either platform. Airspan’s LTE solution is compliant with the 3GPP standards and interoperable with commercial FDD & TDD UE devices. 4G WiMAX provides high speed broadband services at much higher capacity than is possible with 3G networks and allows for customized upload/download configuration, supporting upload-centric industrial applications such as CCTV camera surveillance.

With Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology, remote software upgrades from WiMAX to LTE are made quickly and easily, allowing for a seamless migration from WiMAX to LTE.


Air4G delivers extremely high capacity and coverage, redefining deployment and cost metrics. It is an all-outdoor base station supporting both 3GPP LTE and IEEE mobile WiMAX platforms. The product is an all-in-one, all-outdoor solution and is one of the smallest, most powerful macro cell solutions in the market. The Air4G size, performance and features maximize on investment and efficiency


The unique form factor of Air4G allows securing the investment of the operator and minimizes the OPEX and CAPEX. The all-in-one, all-outdoor design mitigates the need for a split architecture, additional housing or air conditioning. Additionally, Air4G has advanced capabilities such as MIMO and advanced Frequency Domain Scheduling. These capabilities enable higher throughput and capacity and better use of the spectrum. Air4G is interoperable with end devices of all form factors, based on all leading chips. It is also interoperable with various core network solutions.


  • Supports LTE-Advanced features with 1 Gbps capacity and carrier aggregation
  • Air4G supports both WiMAX and LTE in the same platform
  • All-outdoor, all-in-one, highly integrated, compact
  • Class leading spectral efficiency
  • High Performance radios deliver extended link budgets
  • Operates in wide variety of frequency bands
  • Quick, affordable, cost-effective deployment
  • Embedded radio or external Remote Radio Head (RRH) options

pdf Air4G LTE Brochure

pdf Air4G Brochure