1. About Airspan
    Airspan is a leader in 4G broadband wireless solutions. We uniquely combine technologies together to provide a complete solutions for our customers. We have been in business since 1995 and have over 1000 customers across 100 countries. We are headquartered in Florida with several regional offices around the world.

  2. Opportunity

    With a wide range of products, Airspan offers a feature-rich, comprehensive portfolio of solutions to Mobile Carrier, Network Operators, ISPs and vertical markets such as Utilities, Public Safety and Transportation.
    The improved economics of LTE and WiMAX systems over traditional fixed wireless provide the benefits of a cost effective, IP-based system supporting high quality voice, data and video. Airspan is looking for strategic partnerships to help connect the world. We have the right products for the market today.
  3. Program Summary
    As a partner of Airspan, you will have the unique opportunity to represent Airspan in a specific territory or for a specific solution. We provide you the tools you need to be successful:

    • Competitive products
    • Sales and technical training
    • Marketing materials, leads
    • Technical documentation
    • Flexibility to win business
  4. Products
    The product portfolio includes:

    • LTE: Air4G and AirSynergy
    • WiMAX: Air4G, AirSynergy, HiperMAX, MacroMAX, HiperMAX-micro, MicroMAX, EasyST, Easy Wi-Fi, Easy Voice, ProST, ProST Wi-Fi, MiMAX USB, MiMAX Pro, MiMAX Easy, Netspan, ControlMAX
    • Wi-Fi: FlexNET, ViaNET and ControlNET
    • VoIP: VoiceMAX
  5. Qualifications
    Airspan is seeking qualified Systems Integrators who can demonstrate:

    • Financial stability
    • Expertise in at least two of the technology areas supported by Airspan (RF, Wi-Fi, IP or Voice)
    • Relationships with local ISP’s and/or operators within market/territory
    • Sufficient size and capability to provide a full suite of services to the customers (design, commission, installation, support & maintenance)
  6. Next Steps
    If you are interested in becoming an Airspan partner and for questions, please contact:

    • Henrik Smith-Petersen -, tel: +44 (0)1895 467100
      President Global Sales, Business Development